Our Passion

Welcome to Ivory Giraffe and Djilya – “We Bring Coffee and Juice to Life”!

We create the highest quality Australian made hot and cold beverages – hot coffee, iced coffee and fresh made fruit juices like you’ve never had them before.
We specialise in Australian native spiced coffees and fruits, and North African inspired coffee blends and Middle-Eastern spices.

Our passion is to provide the finest quality coffee, tea, fruit juice and cleansing beverages.
We love seeing peoples expression when our beverages take their taste buds on a flavour journey.
Our coffee beans are roasted fresh and ground fresh.
Our coffees are made by own own, in-house, trained, qualified roaster and barista.
Our fruit juices are made fresh, every morning.
We give you the best flavour, freshness and quality.
Forget “guilty pleasures”, our beverage don’t have any artificial sweetener, colours, flavours or preservatives – they’re perfect for the whole family.
You can’t get quality, unique beverages like this anywhere else.
It’s taken a long time for us to find the right flavour balance to achieve the best quality and flavour for an unforgettable taste.

We know the value in supporting local business and we buy local whenever we can.
Our Australian native fruits are specially sourced.
You might see us singing or dancing in our shop as we work, because we love to enjoy being at work and we notice it makes people smile, that’s got to be a good thing 🙂

Most people are probably not aware of native fruits because they’re not available in regular shops, they’re very hard to source.
We’ve done the hard work for you, our specialty native Australian fruits are crammed packed with the naturally enriched vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that you’re highly unlikely to find in any other fruits.
For example, Daalgaal (Illawarra Plum) has at least seven times the antioxidants as blueberries and Quandong (Wild Peach) has at least twice the vitamin C as oranges.

“Zero Waste – Maximum Taste”
We only have one planet, we have to look after it.
We are passionate about our environment and environmental sustainability, our policy is “Zero Waste – Maximum Taste”, we use and encourage sustainable business practices, focusing on quality, taste, nutrition, health, environmental footprint and buying local.

For our take away coffees we sell keep-cups, or bring your own.
We save trees and landfill – we do not use disposable cups and lids.

For our juices we only use glass bottles, we refuse to use plastic cups or straws.
We have in-house recycling and sanitisation to avoid our bottles going to landfill or expensive, power hungry recycling facilities.

We are passionate about genuine customer service.
We own our shop and we run the shop, metaphorically and literally, we are a non-franchise family business and to put the service back into customer service we are proud to personally hand deliver our products within reasonable distance from our shop in Wangara. This allows us to regularly meet our customers and wholesale partners, sharing our experiences and hearing our customers experiences, welcoming them on our journey and continuing to provide personalised service with a smile. We could partner with large scale technology based transport services, or other mass delivery service but that further removes the old school personal touch.

The demand for our unique style and flavour is increasing and we are undertaking agreements to sell Ivory Giraffe and Djilya in leading retailers who share our passion and vision for quality, taste, supporting locals, customer engagement and reduced environmental impact. Would you like to partner with us? throw us an email and tell us about yourself 🙂

We welcome you to drop in, say hi and take your tastebuds on an adventure, try our free samples if you’d like.