Our Journey

There are four main driving factors through our journey:

1. Australian and Indigenous fruits. They grow naturally, but they’re so hard to source, you won’t find them in normal retail shops.
They not only taste great and are genuinely refreshing but also provide an opportunity to impart knowledge about Indigenous fruits, seasons, health, culture, and, of course, buying local.

2. Share our love for Australian and Indigenous fruits, their flavours and real nutritional value – enabling people to develop an understanding about Indigenous nutrition and what we can learn from our Indigenous culture whilst enjoying great Australian made beverages without ingesting hundreds of grams of sugar which are crammed into most flavoured drinks.

3. Support Australian and WA growers by continually raising awareness of the importance of buying local to support the people who put food on our tables so they can put food on their own tables, and, ultimately making Australian and Indigenous fruit beverages more available and accessibly priced for you.

4. Sustainability – our policy is “Zero Waste – Maximum taste”. Our environment is critical to our collective existence, and environmental sustainability within our business guides all of our business decisions. Plastic-free packaging, reduce-reuse-recycle initiatives and other recycling options are just some examples. All our environmental practices are constantly reviewed and improved to achieve as minimal impact as possible. We encourage our social partners and customers to join us on our aim for zero waste.

We welcome you to drop in to Wanneroo Markets for a friendly chat with our happy team, and enjoy some free samples if you’d like some.