Health, safety and terms

We provide fresh made beverages and roast coffee, daily, with no known artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Milk goes off quickly, coffee’s made with milk will also go off quickly, we recommend consuming our milk based beverages as soon as possible for best enjoyment and quality, and to avoid any adverse health risks.
Our juices are intended to be consumed as soon as possible after they’re made, unless frozen.
Just like whole fruit which usually last around six days unless frozen, so do our juices.
Juices have been tested as having up to six days shelf life but we can’t guarantee and have no way of knowing the environmental factors for transit and storage once our product leaves our shop.

Your health and safety is our priority, and since common sense isn’t so common anymore we need to remove any element of doubt and let you know that by using our website and our product you agree to all the stuff written below.

Ivory Giraffe and Djilya “we bring coffee and juice to life” – conditions:

  1. We were hoping that we wouldn’t need conditions but operating circumstances require it.
  2. Our customers health and safety with our product is paramount.
  3. Unless you buy decaf, all our coffee’s contain caffeine, if you’re not allowed to consume caffeine or if you think it may have adverse affect on you it is your personal responsibility if you still decide to consume it after we’ve provided the caution that non-decaf coffee will contain coffeine.
  4. Coffee smell and flavour will vary once the bean is roasted, and ground, this is a natural process as the oils and other natural coffee aspects are activated/released over time. We do not have any control over this natural time-delay process.
  5. Our juices are made with real fruit, they will contain natural sugars and are quite likely to contain (traces of) seeds, skin and other fruit attributes – it is the customers responsibility to make the representative aware of any possible allergens, and it’s the representatives responsibility to confirm customers’ dietary or health issues relating to the above and similar conditions, ie diabetes, allergies or health issues relating to ginger etc.
  6. We are passionate about what we do, and we’re passionate about your health, it’s one of the reasons why we do what we do. Please let us know if you can’t consume or don’t like something on our menu we’ll do our best to exchange it with something that you enjoy. We’re not a franchise, we will do our best to custom create a flavour for you. That’s how one of our juices was created, a customer could not have one of our ingredients, so we replaced it with another which they could enjoy = happy customer 🙂
  7. We are not responsible and will not be held liable for damages, either directly or indirectly, if a customer has not undertaken personal responsibility before consuming our product. We can’t read minds, we do not know if you have dietary requirements if you don’t tell us about them.
  8. Our social and retailer partners will take all reasonable precautions not to sell customers a product which contains a substance (eg ginger) that the customer is likely to have adverse reaction to.
  9. If a customer knows they are likely to have an adverse reaction to any ingredient in our beverage but still decides to drink it, then they do so at their own risk.
  10. Our fruit juice has no known artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, it has been scientifically tested and confirmed to have a six day shelf life in an unfrozen state. For health reasons our social partners and retailers are responsible for ensuring that customers are aware of this shelf life, and unless the product is frozen, customers are encouraged to consume the beverage as soon as possible after purchase to ensure quality, freshness and taste. Customers must make themselves aware of the shelf-life as they would with any other product.
  11. Juices and coffee do not go well in prolonged sunlight or exposure to heat.
  12. As with any other product which has past its shelf-life our juice cannot be refunded, exchanged or replaced.
  13. We had thought about freezing the juice on-suite after making it to prolong the shelf life but as with anything that’s frozen it expands, the frozen product then shrinks when defrosted and does not allow us to fill the bottle to 100% capacity. With less than 100% capacity we feel we can not provide a complete product which uses the glass’s entire volumetric capacity, hence we don’t freeze our juices, but if our social partners and customers wish to freeze the product then that’s their choice.
  14. We aim for zero environmental impact – “zero waste, maximum taste”.
  15. Save trees, avoid landfill – we have dine in or keep-cup-take-away.
  16. We don’t sell disposable take-away cups, we only sell re-usable “keep-cups”.
  17. We request our resale partners to promote this initiative to customers to return their used bottles, bottle tops and coffee bags, or will collect all unused items when our customers, social partners and/or resale partners receive their next order, or at another mutually convenient time. By directly recycling and sanitising our items at our shop we avoid the costly process involved with large scale recycling.
  18. Product orders are to be paid in full before the product is given to the social partners or customer.
  19. If you’ve payed for your product and decide to pick it up later, please do remember to come back for it, unless you have given us your contact info we have no way to contact you to remind you to pick up your product.
  20. Further to health and safety related statements above, we can not guarantee the air quality or possible liquid contaminant risk where our customers may consume their juices, nor can we guarantee if lids have been removed and put back on a take-away bottle after purchase, and in the same way that we can’t return fruit to our suppliers after it has been purchased unfortunately we cannot give refunds once our product has been sold.
  21. Social/retail partners are not to engage in conflict of interest by directly or indirectly promoting a competing product alongside our product.
  22. We hate spam as much as you do, and any information you provide us stays with us. Your info is only used to provide you further product and event information, including any (members only) specials and associated events we might be participating in (like a pop-up shop somewhere, etc).
  23. Unlike some huge social media and search/marketing companies who want you to let them “improve your experience” we won’t sell your information to anyone, we’ll only ask for your location during on-line ordering or similar situation so we know where to hand deliver the stuff you bought from us, and we’ll only ask for your phone number for order-related purposes, eg contact you about your order.
  24. Unlike some wealthy politicians we won’t send you unsolicited messages, sending those messages may be legal but it doesn’t mean that people like them.